Who We Are

The Haryana co-operative sugar mills was estalished in 1957. The Hayryana co-op sugar mills was the first co-operative sugar mill in Haryana. Initialy, it was installed with the capacity of 15 TCD and now it is upgraded upto 50 TCD cane crush.



Our Sugar units is highly automated to ensure better capacity utilisation and lower process downtimes. We employ robust processes, backed by advanced machinery and trained manpower, to ensure better utilisation of capacities. We emphasize on usage of energy efficient systems, modern technology and R & D for better operations and for improved per hectare sugar output, at all our factories. We ensure cost optimisation by achieving better operational parameters. To achieve this we keep a check on and improve steam efficiencies and reduce process losses at our units for better recovery of sugar. In our five factories, double sulphitation process is followed for sugar production while two factories adopt DEFECO MELT Phosphatation followed by Ion Exchange Resin based clarification for manufacture of refined sugar. The sugar produced at Triveni's factories is direct consumption plantation white low ICUMSA (an International method for determining colour value of sugar, lower value means whiter sugar), bold grain sugar which commands premium in the market. Significant emphasis is put the quality control procedures and quality assurance of sugar produced in our factories.


Cane Development

Our Sugar Mill has been pioneer in utilizing modern IT software/ tools for monitoring, developing and procuring cane from its command area. The cane procurement module, besides facilitating smooth cane procurement on part of the Sugar unit also helps farmers preplan their cane harvesting schedule for a smooth supply of their harvest in the crushing season.

The Cane development team works closely with the farmers and continuously motivates them for adopting new promising varieties of cane replacing the old and degenerated varieties, which in turn helps increase sugar recovery for the Sugar Mill and obtain healthy and higher yields for the farmers. Seed and seed transport subsidies are provided to the farmers to facilitate growing early, improved / high sugared varieties of cane. Consequent to the efforts and positive response from the farmers, there has been a significant change in the varietal mix of the cane area across all our Sugar Units with significant planting of selected promising varieties.

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